Manage the Complex Working Environment

A messy workplace saps energy, focus and energy. It’s not enough to make the physical work environment uncluttered and organized; people also require a mental process that helps them focus their efforts. Without a clear mental framework goals will be far away.

If you’re struggling to find a mess of cables, papers, and coffee spills in your office, it will be much harder to find things when they’re all organized and easily accessible. The solution is the Japanese concept of kaizen which has been translated to English as « sustain. » It’s an easy five-step process which is Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. The first three steps are regular cleaning, tidying, and arranging of the workspace. The final step is to establish procedures to consistently complete the initial three steps and maintain the workspace clean, productive, and effective.

The best leaders recognize that no organization can meet every expectation of its employees, but they are aware of the dominant currents which may influence the workplace, work habits, dress codes as well as governing assumptions. They strive to transcend these currents. These are the organizations that welcome the IT person wearing sandals and shorts as well as the financial services firm with a buttoned-down look that embraces its employees who work in jeans.

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